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As science, technology, engineering, arts and math dramatically impact existing and new businesses within sports and entertainment, “STEAM Sports Executive Profiles” intend to share stories about many of those who are literally changing the face of those industries. The backgrounds for these individuals are what many would call non-traditional entries into sports and entertainment, but that’s the point.

STEAM truly is changing the world of Sports & Entertainment.

Sandra Lopez

Sandra Lopez

Sandra Lopez, Vice President, Intel Sports

There is little question that Sandra Lopez is a rising star at Intel. But that’s what you would expect from someone who started her career with a keen affinity and college degree built around fashion, right? Lopez, Vice President at Intel Sports, has held numerous roles at the Silicon Valley-based technology juggernaut, and admittedly was the right person to take the company’s lead in wearables as head of its New Technology Group.


You would expect such from someone who once did a post-graduate Careers in Fashion program at the University Degli Studi in Bologna, Italy. But she has parlayed further study in the Stanford Intel Accelerator Program into a role in which her current team now partners throughout the sports industry to manage and create emerging technology activities that touch sports and entertainment, particularly how they are played and watched.


“I think I have the coolest job in the world,” says Lopez, who is a leading advocate for women’s and Latino advancement, particularly in the tech sector. “Whether it is partnering with industry titans in sports or ensuring we are delivering the next generation of experiences to meet the future fan, it is exciting to be part of a team that is enabling fans to live the magic of sports in ways many fans possibly can’t. Whether it is providing a player point of view or providing front row seat access to their favorite game, we believe that everything we do is in service of the fans, helping them feel awesome moments in new dimensions.”