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As science, technology, engineering, arts and math dramatically impact existing and new businesses within sports and entertainment, “STEAM Sports Executive Profiles” intend to share stories about many of those who are literally changing the face of those industries. The backgrounds for these individuals are what many would call non-traditional entries into sports and entertainment, but that’s the point.

STEAM truly is changing the world of Sports & Entertainment.

Alex Hertel

Alex Hertel

Alex Hertel, CEO and co-founder of Xperiel

Alex Hertel, CEO and co-founder of Xperiel, the first company to combine augmented reality with the Internet of Things, has a direct line to companies such as the Sacramento Kings, L.A. Dodgers, New York Jets, and Pepsico.  At Xperiel, Alex and his co-founder brother Phillip, lead a team whose work includes turning sports stadiums into giant video game consoles and pushing out its Real World Web™ technology to make the whole world digitally interactive.

Hertel’s first tech startup called Walleto was sold to Google and became Google Wallet in 2010. Alex, who holds a Computer Science Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, next started Xperiel which allows brands to utilize the Real World Web in which the physical and digital worlds converge to provide mixed reality experiences for consumers across any OS or mobile device.

“We’re making the whole physical world digitally interactive so that people can use the technology around them all the time just like in sci-fi movies,” says Hertel. “We’re connecting all the devices in every store, school and stadium into an interactive digital ecosystem.”

Apparently, Xperiel is doing more than just a little right.  It is one of only four companies under consideration for “Best in Mobile Fan Experience” at Wednesday’s Sports Business Journal of the Year awards in New York City.

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Xperiel, Inc. currently has positions available on its website:, including postings for a Software Engineer and a UX Designer.